In last December from Phoomparin Mano (Phoom) and Panjamapong Sermsawatsri (P’PanJ) suggest me to go join 2018 in Singapore this month. I’ve to decided to join this event. I would like to say “Thank you” to them first because if they not suggest me I won’t have opportunity to join great event~

What I’ve got from this trip?

I’ve got a lot of experiences from this trip like I see how peoples in Singapore live in daily life. I nearly missed the last train to hotel but I still caught it. I love Singaporean food like Toast + Kopi for breakfast :)

Why I say that this is the best event I’ve attended?

As I talk to organizer I like concept of this event that manage event without lot of sponsors ads but networking party is very nice~!

What I’ve got from this event?

I’ve got a lot of new friends, knowledge and tips from experienced developers.

I’ve tried Code in the Dark what a kind of game that you can only see picture of the final website you need to write with HTML/CSS but a challenge is you can’t see result until end of round and see final result.

Cool workshop on day 2 I’ve choose Hacker by the sea in the morning and Ethereum for the afternoon that really exciting to use JavaScript create your own cryptocurrency.

Also on the last day has 2 talking session from Phoomparin Mano (Lightning talk : Web assembly and Rust) and Thai Pangsakulyanont (Smells in React Apps).

They are my new friends I’ve got from this event. Hope to see you soon~ ❤

Event website :